Junkdrawer is a retail store located in Winthrop, MA.  Like the store’s name itself, it’s a great place to explore and poke around. You just never know what you will find here. Shoppers often recall items they had when they were children. Some are reminded of friends and relatives. Junkdrawer takes you back to when life was simple and fun.

There are so many unique items here and our inventory is almost impossible to replace. The world is our warehouse and the shop is constantly changing as products come in an out. The simple guidelines we keep when stocking our shelves are that the items must be vintage and in nice condition. Chipped, broken and incomplete stuff is just so hard to sell.  Usually iconic related items such as Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, or Bobby Orr (old Bruins) memorabilia turn over quick and we do also keep a database of what our customers collect. We do put out the call when that certain something turns up.

Where do we get the items we sell? Flea Markets, Yard Sales and Estate Sales for the most part. Ebay as well as other auctions too. Since we’ve opened our doors, folks have brought things in and there have been many occasions when we have been invited to the homes to pick through the basement, attic, or garage.

We are always selling, so we are always buying. Comic books, LP records, coins, military items, nautical items, local historical items, vintage toys and games are always tops on our list of things to buy.


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